Mouthwash is a common oral health product that you can find in any home today. It has the potential to prevent cavities and whiten your teeth over time. Aside from that, mouthwash can kill germs known for causing plaque and gingivitis.

While mouthwash is useful, you don’t need to use it often to have a healthy mouth. You can use it periodically under the advice of your dentist.

Do you want to know what makes mouthwash special? Read on.

Mouthwash Basics

Many people think that a mouthwash doesn’t have specific categories. Basically, there are two types of mouthwashes – cosmetic and therapeutic. Cosmetic mouthwashes are the ones that will freshen up your breath and make your teeth white. Therapeutic mouthwashes are meant for oral health improvement. The lines are blurred between these mouthwash types because a cosmetic mouthwash can also be a therapeutic one, and vice versa.

Keep in mind that mouthwash is not medicine. It’s a complimentary oral hygiene product with anti-bacterial capabilities.

Mouthwash Precautions

Even if you’ve used a mouthwash before, you should still heed extra caution. You might have a problem if you tend to use mouthwash every day – unless recommended by your dentist explicitly. A lone mouthwash brand is not a substitute to better oral health maintenance.

Once you’ve had a tooth extraction procedure, you shouldn’t take any mouthwash because it will hamper the recovery process. It’s better to stick with water and sterile swabs while recovering from tooth extraction.

Constant mouthwash usage will also increase the dryness of your mouth. Don’t be fooled with the refreshed feeling after every rinse. Nothing beats brushing your teeth and flossing regularly.

Long-Term Effects of Rinsing Too Much

Mouthwash is great for controlling bad bacteria in your mouth. But you should regulate your usage it can undo any positive effects. If you rely too much on mouthwash and dental rinses, you might develop an increased risk of tooth decay and infection. This will defeat the purpose of taking mouthwash from the first place!

How to Pick the Best Mouthwash

Buying any mouthwash is very easy. You just need to visit the local grocery and get a bottle or two. However, the situation is different if you want to optimize your oral health. At this rate, you’re probably thinking how to pick the right mouthwash.

You can find mouthwash recommendations online, but the best recommendation will come from your dentist. Depending on your situation, the dentist will recommend the strongest mouthwash in the market today. Just be ready – effective mouthwash brands tend to be pricier than generic ones.

Herbal mouthwash is also a popular option nowadays. This type of mouthwash contains active natural ingredients that can promote long-term oral health. Before purchasing herbal mouthwash, however, you should spend time researching and checking reviews. Not all herbal mouthwash brands are the same. And you sure don’t want to spend money on a low-quality herbal mouthwash brand!


Using a mouthwash isn’t entirely a bad thing. It can promote better oral health if done correctly. Along with the right method, you should also care about the best mouthwash brand. Don’t hesitate to contact your dentist if ever you need professional mouthwash usage advice.

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