When we eat well, we’re conscious of the effect on our overall health. Good nutrition is not merely seen; it is also felt. However, many people are unaware of how important nutritional choices are for your teeth and mouth! This is surprising, since your teeth and mouth are the first parts of your body to come into contact with your food choices. For good dental health, there are some smart things to avoid and some smart things to include in your diet.

Foods to Avoid for Great Oral Health

1 – Coffee. Coffee might be one of nature’s most pleasurable creations, but the acidity is doing your teeth no favors. Acidic foods and drinks are all terrible for your teeth. To reduce the impact, try to consume less acidic foods and brush more frequently. (This way you will reduce your coffee breath as well!)

2 – Citrus fruits such as tomatoes and oranges may give your body lots of vitamins, but they wear down your teeth. To avoid the bad effects and keep the nutrition, eat them as part of a meal. This will reduce the citrus’s impact.

2 – Sugar. Most people know about this one. Sugar can be deadly for your teeth (and general health). Avoid as much as possible for increased dental and overall health.

3– Processed foods. When you eat processed foods, you are usually eating a lot of added sugar as well. Plus, processed foods tend to consist of simple carbs which break down into sugar quickly in the mouth.

Foods to Include for Awesome Oral Health

1 – Lean protein. Meat, eggs, tofu, fish, beans, and nuts are not just good for your muscle development; they’re also great for your teeth.

2 – Fresh vegetables. The vitamins contained in whole vegetables will make you feel healthy and full of energy. They have the same wonderful effect on your teeth as they do on the rest of your body.

3 – Calcium-rich foods. Calcium is great for your bones (like your jaw!), but it’s also great for your teeth and your jaw. If that isn’t enough of a sell, calcium can also help protect you from periodontal (gum) disease.

4 – Whole grains. Remember how I said that processed food is bad? Well, unlike processed foods or simple carbohydrates, whole grains don’t instantly break down into sugar. Some excellent whole grains to try are wild or brown rice, quinoa, millet, corn, wheat, and oats.

When you eat well, your whole body thanks you! Ask your dentist today for more tips to improve your dental health.