5 Reasons Why You Need To Have Healthy Gums

Many people are unaware that the state of their gums reflects their overall health. Here at Lancaster Dental, we will keep you informed by outlining the reasons why gum health plays an important factor in your life.

Dental Health Tips for Valentine’s Day

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Top 10 Dental Care Tips For 2020

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Antibiotic Awareness Week – What You Need to Know?

Nowadays, the majority of the public still believes that antibiotics can cure everything from common colds to upper respiratory tract infections and take antibiotics without proper dosages and prescriptions. This is a common mistake that resulted in a worldwide health [...]

How Much Bacteria is in My Mouth & Teeth?

Our mouths may be small when compared to other parts of our body; however, there are a lot of things, processes, and systems living and occurring in that tiny opening. Human beings, more often than not, fail to care for [...]