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Which Type of Sedation Dentistry is Right for Me?

Few people relish the prospect of a trip to the dental office. While it’s only natural to be somewhat apprehensive about any medical consultation or treatment, a visit to the dentist can strike fear into some patients, as they fret [...]

What’s the Best Way to Get Sparkling White Teeth?

First impressions are important, and your smile says a lot about you. As well as making you appear more attractive to others, your smile also makes you feel better about yourself. However, if your teeth are discolored, you certainly won’t [...]

How to Wean Your Kids Off Sugary Summer Snacks

Summer is a fun time for kids, and they love all those seasonal snacks. Ice cream, Popsicles, pop and candies all go down a treat. However, these nibbles that are so appealing to children can pose a significant threat to [...]

Five Common Dental Problems, and How to Deal with Them

Prevention is better than cure, as anyone who has suffered toothache will tell you. Tooth decay can result in crowns, fillings or inlays, and dental nerves may even become diseased, leading to an abscess, requiring root canal treatment or extraction. [...]

Why You Need to Floss

It’s not uncommon to stick to a strict brushing regime, but leave out flossing altogether. Many people are unaware of the health risks of not flossing, and believe that a toothbrush can perform the same thorough job. The truth is [...]

Winter Oral Hygiene Tips

As the cold weather sets in, we tend to need to moisturize our skin a lot more – including around our face and mouth. Cold weather from late fall into winter can cause a range of issues surrounding our mouth [...]

The Benefits of Invisalign

Often confused with traditional braces, Invisalign is a corrective dental tool that works by applying a series of clear, retainer-like aligners in order to move your teeth into their ideal positions. Depending on the severity of the problem, Invisalign treatment [...]