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Overcoming Dental Anxiety

If you quake at the thought of setting foot inside a dental office, you’re not alone. Fear of visiting the dentist is a common issue. Studies indicate that 75 per cent of people are nervous about going to the dentist. [...]

How Cold Weather Can Cause Toothache

If you’ve noticed your teeth becoming particularly sensitive during the winter months, it’s likely down to the cold temperatures. Winter weather can cause the same tooth pain as consuming cold foods or drinks. During cold spells, your teeth can contract, [...]

How to Help Prevent Loss of Your Tooth Enamel

Tooth enamel is the hardest and strongest substance in your body, playing a vital role in protecting your teeth. It coats the outer layer of your teeth to form a barrier that safeguards the inner layers, including dentin, from the [...]

A 5-Point Plan for a Healthy New Year

Your oral health plays an important role in your general well-being. Issues such as gum disease, for example, can result in infections in other areas of the body. So, as we approach a New Year, Kitchener dentist Lancaster Dental has [...]

Which Type of Sedation Dentistry is Right for Me?

Few people relish the prospect of a trip to the dental office. While it’s only natural to be somewhat apprehensive about any medical consultation or treatment, a visit to the dentist can strike fear into some patients, as they fret [...]

What’s the Best Way to Get Sparkling White Teeth?

First impressions are important, and your smile says a lot about you. As well as making you appear more attractive to others, your smile also makes you feel better about yourself. However, if your teeth are discolored, you certainly won’t [...]

How to Wean Your Kids Off Sugary Summer Snacks

Summer is a fun time for kids, and they love all those seasonal snacks. Ice cream, Popsicles, pop and candies all go down a treat. However, these nibbles that are so appealing to children can pose a significant threat to [...]

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